CHIMENTI, a citizen of the USA and Italy, began her sculpting career in 1996 in Florence, Italy. She obtained a BFA in sculpture from Miami University in 1998 and an MFA in sculpture from American University in 2002 but did her two years of MFA studies between Perugia and Rome, Italy. After completing her MFA, Chimenti worked at a Villa in Umbria and for the world renowned sculptor Beverly Pepper in Todi, Italy. She returned from Italy to Milwaukee, WI in 2005 and taught sculpture and ceramics at Cardinal Stritch University for a year and has had a studio set up in Milwaukee since then.

Chimenti is deeply influenced by the many animals used in art and architecture both real and mythological all over the world. The animal forms and symbolism, used throughout history and the many cultures of the world, intrigue her. Chimenti is also fascinated about the human connection, past and present, to animals and what they have meant to mankind throughout the ages: Zoomorphism; attributing animal characteristics to humans, and anthromorphism; attributing human characteristics to animals.

Recently Chimenti painted and sculpted for Cost of Wisconsin, a themed construction company in Jackson, WI and is currently making walls bello with Italian plaster wall finishes, artistic wall finishes and sculpts out of her Milwaukee home.